Abacus Acorn Address Book Address Card adjust Air Freshener Alarm Clock Alicorn align-center align-justify align-left align-right Allergies ambulance American Sign Language Interpreting Analytics Anchor Angle Double Down Angle Double Left Angle Double Right Angle Double Up angle-down angle-left angle-right angle-up Angry Face Ankh Fruit Apple Apple Crate Archive Archway Alternate Arrow Circle Down Alternate Arrow Circle Left Alternate Arrow Circle Right Alternate Arrow Circle Up Alternate Arrow Down Alternate Arrow from Bottom Alternate Arrow from Left Alternate Arrow from Right Alternate Arrow from Top Alternate Arrow Left Alternate Arrow Right Alternate Arrow Square Down Alternate Arrow Square Left Alternate Arrow Square Right Alternate Arrow Square Up Alternate Arrow to Bottom Alternate Arrow to Left Alternate Arrow to Right Alternate Arrow to Top Alternate Arrow Up Arrow Circle Down Arrow Circle Left Arrow Circle Right Arrow Circle Up arrow-down Arrow from Bottom Arrow from Left Arrow from Right Arrow from Top arrow-left arrow-right Arrow Square Down Arrow Square Left Arrow Square Right Arrow Square Up Arrow to Bottom Arrow to Left Arrow to Right Arrow to Top arrow-up Arrows Alternate Arrows Alternate Arrows Horizontal Alternate Arrows Vertical Arrows Horizontal Arrows Vertical Assistive Listening Systems asterisk At Atlas Atom Atom Alt Audio Description Award Axe Axe Battle Backpack Backspace backward Badge Check Badge Badge Dollar Badge Percent Honey Badger Balance Scale Balance Scale (Left-Weighted) Balance Scale (Right-Weighted) ban Band-Aid barcode Alternate Barcode Barcode Read Barcode Scan Bars Baseball Baseball Ball Basketball Ball Basketball Hoop Bat Bath Battery Bolt Battery Empty Battery Full Battery 1/2 Full Battery 1/4 Full Battery Slash Battery 3/4 Full Bed beer bell Bell School Bell School Slash Bell Slash Bezier Curve Bible Bicycle Binoculars Birthday Cake Blanket Blender Blender Phone Blind bold Lightning Bolt Bomb Bone Bone Break Bong book Alternate Book Book of the Dead Book with Heart Book Open Book Reader Book of Spells bookmark Books Bow Arrow Bowling Ball Bowling Pins Box Alternate Box Box Check Box Fragile Box Full Box with Heart Box Open Box Up Box with US Dollar Boxes Alternate Boxes Boxing Glove Braille Brain Briefcase Medical Briefcase Broadcast Tower Broom Browser Brush Bug Building bullhorn Bullseye Bullseye Arrow Bullseye Pointer Burn Bus Bus Alt Bus School Business Time Filing Cabinet Calculator Alternate Calculator Calendar Alternate Calendar Calendar Check Calendar Edit Calendar Exclamation Calendar Minus Calendar Plus Calendar Times camera Alternate Camera Retro Camera Campfire Campground Candle Holder Candy Corn Cannabis Capsules Car Alternate Car Car Battery Car Bump Car Crash Car Garage Car Mechanic Car Side Car Tilt Car Wash Caret Circle Down Caret Circle Left Caret Circle Right Caret Circle Up Caret Down Caret Left Caret Right Caret Square Down Caret Square Left Caret Square Right Caret Square Up Caret Up Shopping Cart Arrow Down Add to Shopping Cart Cat Cauldron certificate Chair Office Chair Chalkboard Chalkboard Teacher Charging Station Area Chart Bar Chart Line Chart Line Chart in Down Direction Pie Chart Alternate Pie Chart Check Check Circle Check Double Check Square Chess Chess Bishop Alternate Chess Bishop Chess Board Chess Clock Alternate Chess Clock Chess King Alternate Chess King Chess Knight Alternate Chess Knight Chess Pawn Alternate Chess Pawn Chess Queen Alternate Chess Queen Chess Rook Alternate Chess Rook Chevron Circle Down Chevron Circle Left Chevron Circle Right Chevron Circle Up Chevron Double Down Chevron Double Left Chevron Double Right Chevron Double Up chevron-down chevron-left chevron-right Chevron Square Down Chevron Square Left Chevron Square Right Chevron Square Up chevron-up Child Church Circle Circle Notched City Claw Marks Clipboard Clipboard Check Clipboard List Clipboard Prescription Clock Clone Closed Captioning Cloud Cloud Download Alternate Cloud Download Cloud with Moon Cloud with Sun Cloud Upload Alternate Cloud Upload Club Cocktail Code Code Branch Code Commit Code Merge Coffee To-Go Coffee Coffin cog cogs Coins Columns comment Alternate Comment Alternate Comment Check Comment Alt-dollar Alternate Comment Dots Alternate Comment Edit Alternate Comment Exclamation Alternate Comment Lines Alternate Comment Minus Alternate Comment Plus Alternate Comment Slash Alternate Comment Smile Alternate Comment Times Comment Check Comment Dollar Comment Dots Comment Edit Comment Exclamation Comment Lines Comment Minus Comment Plus Comment Slash Comment Smile Comment Times comments Alternate Comments Alternate Comments Dollar Comments Dollar Compact Disc Compass Compass Slash Compress Alternate Compress Compress Wide Concierge Bell Container Storage Conveyor Belt Alternate Conveyor Belt Cookie Cookie Bite Copy Copyright Corn Couch Cow Credit Card Credit Card Blank Credit Card Front Cricket crop Alternate Crop Cross Crosshairs Crow Crown Cube Cubes Curling Cut Dagger Database Deaf Desktop Alternate Desktop Dharmachakra Diagnoses Diamond Dice Dice D10 Dice D12 Dice D20 Dice D4 Dice D6 Dice D8 Dice Five Dice Four Dice One Dice Six Dice Three Dice Two Digital Tachograph Diploma Directions Divide Dizzy Face DNA Do Not-enter Dog Leashed Dog Dollar Sign Dolly Dolly Empty Dolly Flatbed Alternate Dolly Flatbed Dolly Flatbed-empty Door Closed Door Open Dot Circle Dove Download Drafting Compass Dragon Draw Circle Draw Polygon Draw Square Drum Drum Steelpan Drumstick Drumstick with Bite Taken Out Duck Dumbbell Dungeon Ear Edit eject Elephant Horizontal Ellipsis Alternate Horizontal Ellipsis Vertical Ellipsis Alternate Vertical Ellipsis Empty Set Engine Warning Envelope Envelope Open Envelope Open-dollar Envelope Open-text Envelope Square Equals eraser Euro Sign Exchange Alternate Exchange exclamation Exclamation Circle Exclamation Square Exclamation Triangle Expand Alternate Expand Expand Arrows Alternate Expand Arrows Expand Wide External Link Alternate External Link External Link Square Alternate External Link Square Eye Eye Dropper Evil Eye Eye Slash fast-backward fast-forward Fax Feather Alternate Feather Female Field Hockey fighter-jet File Alternate File Archive File Audio File File Certificate Chart Line File Pie Chart File Check File Code File File Contract File CSV File Download Edit File Excel File Exclamation File File Export Image File File Import File Invoice File Invoice with US Dollar Medical File Alternate Medical File Minus File PDF File Plus File Powerpoint File File Prescription File Signature Spreadsheet File Times File File Upload User File Video File Word File Fill Fill Drip Film Alternate Film Filter Fingerprint fire fire-extinguisher First Aid Fish Raised Fist flag flag-checkered Flame Flask Flask Poison Flask Potion Flushed Face Folder Folder Minus Folder Open Folder Plus Folder Times Folders font Font Awesome Full Logo Football Ball Football Helmet Forklift forward Fragile Frog Frowning Face Frowning Face With Open Mouth Function Funnel Dollar Futbol Gamepad Gas Pump Gas Pump-slash Gavel Gem Genderless Ghost gift Gift Card Martini Glass Alternate Glass Martini Glasses Alternate Glasses Globe Globe with Africa shown Globe with Americas shown Globe with Asia shown Globe Stand Golf Ball Golf Club Gopuram Graduation Cap Greater Than Greater Than Equal To Grimacing Face Grinning Face Alternate Grinning Face Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Grinning Face With Sweat Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes Grinning Squinting Face Rolling on the Floor Laughing Star-Struck Face With Tears of Joy Face With Tongue Squinting Face With Tongue Winking Face With Tongue Grinning Winking Face Grip Horizontal Grip Vertical H Square H1 Heading H2 Heading H3 Heading Hammer Hammer War Hamsa Hand with Heart Hand Holding Hand Holding Box Hand Holding Heart Hand Holding-magic Hand Holding Seedling Hand Holding US Dollar Hand Holding Water Lizard (Hand) Paper (Hand) Peace (Hand) Hand Pointing Down Hand Pointing Left Hand Pointing Right Hand Pointing Up Pointer (Hand) Hand Receiving Rock (Hand) Scissors (Hand) Spock (Hand) Hands Hands Heart Helping Hands Hands with US Dollar Handshake Alternate Handshake Hanukiah Hashtag Witch's Hat Wizard's Hat Haykal HDD Head Side Head VR heading headphones Alternate Headphones Headset Heart Heart Circle Heart Rate Heart Square Heartbeat Helicopter Battle Helmet Hexagon Highlighter Hiking Hippo History Hockey Mask Hockey Puck Hockey Sticks home Home Heart Hood Cloak Horse hospital Alternate Hospital Hospital Symbol Hot Tub Hotel Hourglass Hourglass End Hourglass Half Hourglass Start House Damage Hryvnia I Beam Cursor Identification Badge Identification Card Alternate Identification Card Image Images inbox Inbox In Inbox Out Indent Industry Alternate Industry Infinity Info Info Circle Info Square Inhaler Integral Intersection Inventory italic Jack-o'-lantern Jedi Joint Journal of the Whills Kaaba key Key Skeleton Keyboard Keynote Khanda Kidneys Kissing Face Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes Face Blowing a Kiss Kite Kiwi Bird Knife Kitchen Lambda Lamp Landmark Language Laptop Laptop Code Grinning Face With Big Eyes Laugh Face with Beaming Eyes Laughing Squinting Face Laughing Winking Face Layer Group Layer Minus Layer Plus leaf Leaf with a Heart Maple Leaf Oak Leaf Lemon Less Than Less Than Equal To Level Down Alternate Level Down Level Up Alternate Level Up Life Ring Lightbulb Lightbulb Dollar Lightbulb Exclamation Lightbulb On Lightbulb Slash Link Lips Turkish Lira Sign List Alternate List list-ol list-ul Location location-arrow Location Circle Location Slash lock Alternate Lock Lock Open Alternate Lock Open Alternate Long Arrow Down Alternate Long Arrow Left Alternate Long Arrow Right Alternate Long Arrow Up Long Arrow Down Long Arrow Left Long Arrow Right Long Arrow Up Loveseat Low Vision Luchador Luggage Cart Lungs Mace magic magnet Mail Bulk Male Mandolin Map Map Marked Alternate Map Marked map-marker Alternate Map Marker Alternate Map Marker Slash Map Marker Check Map Marker Edit Map Marker Exclamation Map Marker Minus Map Marker Plus Map Marker Question Map Marker Slash Map Marker Smile Map Marker Times Map Pin Map Signs Marker Mars Mars Double Mars Stroke Mars Stroke Horizontal Mars Stroke Vertical Mask Medal medkit Megaphone Neutral Face Face Without Mouth Face With Rolling Eyes Memory Menorah Mercury Microchip microphone Alternate Microphone Alternate Microphone Slash Microphone Slash Microscope Mind Share minus Minus Circle Minus Hexagon Minus Octagon Minus Square Mobile Phone Alternate Mobile Mobile Android Alternate Mobile Android Money Bill Alternate Money Bill Wavy Money Bill Alternate Wavy Money Bill Money Check Alternate Money Check Monitor Heart Rate Monkey Monument Moon Mortar Pestle Mosque Motorcycle Mountain Mountains Mouse Pointer Music Narwhal Wired Network Neuter Newspaper Not Equal Medical Notes Object Group Object Ungroup Octagon Oil Can Oil Temp Om Omega Otter Outdent Paint Brush Alternate Paint Brush Paint Roller Palette Pallet Alternate Pallet Paper Plane Paperclip Parachute Box paragraph Parking Parking Circle Parking Circle-slash Parking Slash Passport Pastafarianism Paste pause Pause Circle Paw Paw Alt Paw Claws Peace Pegasus Pen Alternate Pen Pen Fancy Pen Nib Pen Square pencil Alternate Pencil Pencil Paintbrush Pencil Ruler Pennant People Carry Percent Percentage Person Carry Person and Dolly Person and Empty Dolly Phone Office Phone Phone Plus Phone Slash Phone Square Phone Volume Pi Pie Pig Piggy Bank Pills Place Of Worship plane Alternate Plane Plane Arrival Plane Departure play Play Circle Plug plus Plus Circle Plus Hexagon Plus Octagon Plus Square Podcast Podium Poll Poll H Poo Poop Portrait Pound Sign Power Off Pray Praying Hands Prescription Prescription Bottle Alternate Prescription Bottle Presentation print Print Slash Procedures Project Diagram Pumpkin Puzzle Piece qrcode Question Question Circle Question Square Quidditch quote-left quote-right Quran Rabbit Fast Rabbit Racquet Ram Ramp Loading random Receipt Landscape Rectangle Portrait Rectangle Wide Rectangle Recycle Redo Alternate Redo Registered Trademark Repeat Repeat 1 Alternate Repeat 1 Alternate Repeat Reply reply-all Retweet Alternate Retweet Ribbon Ring road Robot rocket Route Route Highway Route Interstate rss RSS Square Ruble Sign Ruler Ruler Combined Ruler Horizontal Ruler Triangle Ruler Vertical Running Indian Rupee Sign Crying Face Loudly Crying Face Save Scalpel Scalpel Path Scanner Scanner Keyboard Scanner Touchscreen Scarecrow School Screwdriver Scroll Scroll Old Scrubber Scythe Search Search Dollar Search Location Search Minus Search Plus Seedling Server Shapes Share Share All Alternate Share Alternate Share Square Share Square Sheep Shekel Sign shield Alternate Shield shield Shield Cross Ship Shipping Fast Shipping Timed Shoe Prints Shopping Bag Shopping Basket shopping-cart Shovel Shower Shredder Shuttle Van Shuttlecock Sigma (Summation) Sign Sign In Alternate Sign In Sign Language Sign Out Alternate Sign Out signal Signal 1 Signal 2 Signal 3 Signal 4 Signal Alternate Signal Alternate 1 Signal Alternate 2 Signal Alternate 3 Signal Alternate Slash Signal Slash Signature Sitemap Skeleton Skull Skull & Crossbones Slash Horizontal Sliders Square Horizontal Sliders Vertical Sliders Square Vertical Sliders Smiling Face Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes Smiling Face Plus Winking Face Smoking Smoking Ban Snake Snowflake Socks Solar Panel Sort Sort Alpha Down Sort Alpha Up Sort Amount Down Sort Amount Up Sort Down (Descending) Sort Numeric Down Sort Numeric Up Sort Up (Ascending) Spa Space Shuttle Spade Spider Black Widow Spider Spider Web Spinner Spinner Third Splotch Spray Can Square Square Full Square Root Square Root Alternate Squirrel Staff Stamp Star Star and Crescent Exclamation Star star-half Alternate Star Half Star of David Star of Life Wheel Steering step-backward step-forward Stethoscope Sticky Note Stomach stop Stop Circle Stopwatch Store Alternate Store Stream Street View Strikethrough Stroopwafel subscript Subway Suitcase Suitcase Rolling Sun superscript Hushed Face Swatchbook Swimmer Swimming Pool Sword Swords Synagogue Sync Alternate Sync Syringe table Table Tennis tablet Alternate Tablet Tablet Android Alternate Tablet Android Rugged Tablet Tablets Tachometer Alternate Tachometer Tachometer Alternate Average Tachometer Alternate Fast Tachometer Alternate Fastest Tachometer Alternate Slow Tachometer Alternate Slowest Tachometer Average Tachometer Fast Tachometer Fastest Tachometer Slow Tachometer Slowest tag tags Tally Tape Tasks Taxi Teeth Teeth Open Tennis Ball Terminal text-height text-width th th-large th-list Theater Masks Thermometer Thermometer Empty Thermometer Full Thermometer 1/2 Full Thermometer 1/4 Full Thermometer 3/4 Full Theta thumbs-down thumbs-up Thumbtack Ticket Alternate Ticket Tilde Times Times Circle Times Hexagon Times Octagon Times Square tint Tint Slash Tire Tire Flat Tire Pressure-warning Tire Rugged Tired Face Toggle Off Toggle On Toilet Paper Alternate Toilet Paper Tombstone Alternate Tombstone Toolbox Tooth Toothbrush Torah Torii Gate Tractor Trademark Traffic Cone Traffic Light Traffic Light-go Traffic Light-slow Traffic Light-stop Train Transgender Alternate Transgender Trash Alternate Trash Treasure Chest Tree Alternate Tree Trees Triangle trophy Alternate Trophy truck Truck Container Truck Couch Truck Loading Truck Monster Truck Moving Truck Side Truck Ramp T-Shirt TTY Turkey Turtle Television Retro Televison Umbrella Umbrella Beach Underline Undo Alternate Undo Unicorn Union Universal Access University unlink unlock Alternate Unlock Upload US Dollar Circle US Dollar Square User Alternate User Alternate User Slash User Astronaut User Chart User Check User Circle User Clock User Cog User Crown User Edit User Friends User Graduate User Injured User Lock user-md User Minus User Ninja User Plus User Secret User Shield User Slash User Tag User Tie Remove User Users Users Class Users Cog Users Crown Utensil Fork Utensil Knife Utensil Spoon Utensils Alternate Utensils Value Absolute Vector Square Venus Venus Double Venus Mars Vial Vials Video Video Plus Video Slash Vihara Volleyball Ball Volume Volume Down Volume Mute Volume Off Volume Slash Volume Up Cardboard VR Walking Wallet Wand Wand Magic Warehouse Alternate Warehouse Watch Watch Fitness Weight Hanging Weight Whale Wheat Wheelchair Whistle WiFi Wifi 1 Wifi 2 Wifi Slash Wind Window Alternate Window Window Close Window Maximize Window Minimize Window Restore Wine Bottle Wine Glass Alternate Wine Glas Won Sign Wrench X-Ray Yen Sign Yin Yang